More and more private and public buildings are now equipped with an alarm system against burglaries. When armed, these systems will detect an intrusion or burglary attempt.  The detection is generally communicated by means of a siren and/or flashing lights and most time an automatic phone call to an alarm control center or police. In theory these notifications are satisfying but the subsequent human intervention may take at least 10 minutes after the event.

It is also estimated that 80% of planned burglaries are committed in less than 10 minutes.

BANDIT is installed in the rooms or area containing the most valuable objects; by doing so, burglary damage is effectively limited to a strict minimum.

By filling the a room at a speed of 28m3 (Approx. 1000 ft.) per second with a dense fog, the BANDIT 240DB device eliminates in just a few seconds any and all visual contact with the protected goods. Intruders can’t see thus preventing any possibility of stealing merchandise.

What you can’t see it, you can’t steal it!

Delta Security Solutions is an authorized vendor and installer of Bandit Active Security System


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