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Access Control and Intruder Detection

Our focus is to simplify retail management. And when we say simple, we mean simple. That’s why we have designed Cube: the world’s most advanced solution to remotely managing the access and intruder alarm systems in your retail stores – wherever they are. With Cube, you can reduce internal and external theft in your retail organization.

Cube gives you much-needed central control over access levels in your organization, log activities, and automated reactions. Thereby, Cube provides maximum risk reduction and creates significant time savings in daily store operations. And it does this where, when, and how you wish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Cube stands for:

Role-based access control and management of intrusion detection.
Centralized control of policy compliance.
Remote management, monitoring and benchmarking of all your stores.
One application for access control and intrusion detection and one partner for installation and service.
Real-time performance with data accessible 24/7 from any web browser or via app.
Insight into KPI’s, protocol violations and parameters.

What is happening in my stores?

The real-time management information within the Cube web platform enables you to effectively monitor what is currently happening in your stores at any moment. For example, you might be asking questions like these: Are all of my stores opening on time? Were there unauthorized people in the back of the building? Are my company procedures being followed?

With Cube, you simply know—remotely, easily, and quickly! With only a few clicks, new employees are added to your organization and can access areas they are authorized to access.

Cube also provides you with answers to your key questions for loss prevention such as the following:

Who has entered an area?
Were all of my doors in the back of the building closed during opening?
When was the intrusion system (dis-) armed and who did this?
All of the information you need is available in your personal web environment that turns the data from your security systems into information, and even better, into knowledge.

Cube Access

Remotely manage and monitor staff access to buildings, lockers, display cabinets, and specific areas, and centrally control access to your stores based on staff roles. This can be done on a one-off basis, permanently, or based on a timed profile. When doors of backrooms or drawers are open too long, or when employees misuse their access cards, you will be instantly informed.

Control access
Assign access rights based on staff roles and employee responsibility.
Centrally manage profiles of current and past employees.
Use real-time analytics reporting and dashboards for store and security managers.

Cube Intruder
Outside of opening hours, your intruder alarm systems are your eyes and ears that are meant to prevent losses and damage from unwanted visitors. Cube enables you to create automated reactions to intruder alarms and gives insight into when and by whom the alarm system was armed or disarmed.

Manage intruder alarms

Create automated reactions to intruder alarms, including blocking secondary alarms and activating lighting.
Dispense personalized credentials to each authorized employee to operate the intruder alarm system; no more sharing of codes.
See when, where and by whom the system was operated.
How does Cube work?

Cube has a modular setup that always matches the scale of your retail operation. From international chains to high-street boutiques, Cube is literally accessible to all. Choose the applications (Cube apps) you need for your store today, and add new applications at any time in the future.

All Cube apps come with an IP-based integrated Cube controller. Additional (third-party) hardware is connected to the Cube controller via the network. As such, remote web access gives real-time information for every store so that you can monitor, analyze, and reconfigure to maximize the stores’ security level and performance.

Before, during, and after installation, we monitor and manage all devices to pre-configure or configure the system. We guarantee up-to-date software versions and remotely service the system. This shortens the time needed for installation and ensures that you have immediate access to your store data after installation.

Which store needs my attention today?

All Cube apps deliver information to Retail Analytics – Nedap’s unique, scalable, store-monitoring platform. Retail Analytics gives retail managers at local, national, and international levels quick insight into the behavior of staff members, customers, and systems in all connected stores. Based on the information provided, retailers can benchmark their stores and take the right actions to reduce losses, optimize stock levels, and increase store performance.

Worldwide support
Nedap Retail has an extensive network of business partners that are present in every retail market where you are present. We combine the power of being local with a global support system. And because all Nedap partners are certified, and all engineering staff members are continuously trained, our high-quality standards are assured across the globe.

Nedap Retail has offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, China, Hong Kong, the USA, and the Middle East and has certified partners in more than 90 countries.

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