The cameras alone can prevent people from stealing or breaking and entering. But if a crime is committed, the recording of a video camera can help solve the crime. These cameras are very sensitive, some can record in total darkness.Some use motion detection software to set off an alarm, begin recording, or take other actions. Recording can be to an internal DVR hard drive. Video can be remotely monitored with Internet accessibility.

We service residential,commercial and industrial customers in Toronto and GTA.Installation of video surveillance CCTV system may take anywhere from half a day up to few weeks depending on size of the property.Proper design of security camera system and video surveillance system as well as using correct professional grade security camera system and security DVR or NVR is very important.Improper design of security camera system or video surveillance IP system may result inability to recognize details of the robbery or incident.

We design and install security camera systems in Toronto for over a decade.Contact Delta Security Solutions today for professional advice and estimate.